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Strategic & creative direction

Previous experience

Previous work experience has included creative direction, strategy building, and brand evolution for the entire Marketing team at the American Hospital Association, the International Society for Stem Cell Research, and multiple confidential clients as a freelance Creative Director (ranging from large, multi-national pharmaceutical companies to small, local nonprofits).

Additionally, my creative and strategic direction work has included:

  • Brand & visual identity audit and expansion

  • Multi-year conference branding systems

  • Flexible, user-friendly template creation

  • Quality check and brand review processes

  • International event space design, execution, and onsite management

  • Content development and execution

  • Integrated marketing campaign ideation and development

  • Mobile app development and design

TV production, broadcast, and video

I assisted in the planning, development, and creative direction of the first in-house-agency-produced national TV spot "Our Par," that was debuted during the PLAYERS Championship 2022. Additionally, I built and managed the firm's client testimonial and proposal welcome video initiatives. This included project management, creative direction throughout, third party vendor management, talent management, script writing, and onsite filming/production.

General experience

Across my career I have developed the strategy and creative direction, including art & copy direction of a team in execution of our overarching ideas and objectives. This has included sales materials and proposals, digital experiences, advertising, podcasts, video, major events, and more - with one of the most successful recruitment advertising campaigns for the firm having been designed under my direction. I lead the creative direction of a bespoke "Defining Moments" program to design high-impact, immersive experiences for employees and clients at key moments throughout their journey with the firm. Additionally, I have built, managed, and trained teams of 12+ creatives across the US, India, Europe, and Asia.

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Business building & in-house agency

Pursuit Center of Excellence
In-house agency

In previous positions, I've built and operated as an in-house agency for all marketing and creative activities. At Grant Thornton, after the successful build and launch of the Pursuit Center of Excellence, I built the firm's first ever in-house Marketing agency with billable creative services. This included:

  • Survey of key internal stakeholders, focus groups, and National Managing Partners to understand the need, types of deliverables, and timelines

  • Building and execution of a successful pilot phase inclusive of client-facing work and metric tracking

  • Exceeding metrics to save teams up to 40% of time in creation of client deliverables, 50% increase in quality of deliverables, and allocation of time saved redistributed to more strategic portions of the pursuits

  • Updated team organizational structure to include responsibilities for and setup of dedicated team members for billable services, internal services, digital innovation, and campaign management

When I started my position at Grant Thornton, it was a team of one focused solely on proposal graphic support. Within one year, I expanded services to include creative support for our largest accounts, expanded creative support for pre-proposal sales materials, and built a world-class, first of its kind for the firm Pursuit Center of Excellence (PCOE). In collaboration with the proposal team, I built:

  • Request and intake process

  • Workflow between Creative and Proposal teams

  • Clear and concise SLA and menu of services

  • Creative and visual direction for all sales and go-to-market materials

  • A suite of templates used across the firm (case study below)

  • Intranet microsite with access to all relevant data, templates, work samples, and request forms

  • Internal communications and presentations to introduce capabilities to key internal stakeholders and National Leadership team

  • Expanded from a team of 1 to a team of 8 full time staff and 3 contractors - across the US, as well as India

Brand management & templates

I've lead the creation and refreshing of several large brands, inclusive of visual identity and messaging, multi-functional templates and education/evangelization of the brand within and outside of the organizations. I take a very methodical, intentional approach when working with brands to ensure each element has a purpose that adds value to the overall brand.


My suites of user-friendly templates are flexible, clean, and modern - meant to solve inconsistent brand application across organizations. Stakeholders across several major organizations, including Grant Thornton and Dinsmore & Shohl have applauded the ease of use, consistency in brand application, and self-serve nature of the templates to keep up with their fast-changing needs. View a few samples of templates in the gallery to the right and the documents below.

My process:

  • Surveyed key stakeholders on all use cases, requirements, pain points, client feedback and current attitudes of brand

  • Synthesized survey data to develop key brand propositions, differentiators and categories of templates and tools such as:

    • Presentation​/PowerPoint (standard & interactive)

    • One pager (service overview, new product overview)

    • Brochure

    • Interactive digital experience

    • Diagrams and charts

  • Developed process and intention-driven visual identity and messaging guidelines to ensure consistency and maximize value

  • Built initial drafts and wireframes of templates

  • Coached and art directed team to build final suite and suite of branded materials and guidelines based on national and international brand standards, as well as the above data points

  • Developed internal communications, resource, and trainings to make available for all